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    Mini Excavations can supply safe, well maintained gear,        skilled operators and Expertise in both Dam desilting

                     and soil / sand screening

The operation of plant to desilt dams can be a difficult task and expertise is required to complete this safely and in compliance with DERM and or Water board specifications. We visit the site and appraise the lay of the land and silt types and tailor a solution that delivers your needs and protects you from the mine field of legal requirements and potential spoil of productive land.

Prior to mobilisation and demob, all of our gear is thoroughly washed and inspected to AHCBIO201B for eradication of noxious weeds and soil contamination

Desilting dams

Our teams are thoroughly trained in their work and have had their relevant  competencies 3rd party verified.

Excavator loading Moxy

Working in a safe and compliant workplace is part of our culture and a key component of everything we do. Work Management systems are in place for all tasks and adherence to them is emphasised to our crews at every opportunity.

CAT740 with waterproof tailgates

All of our CAT740 articulated moxies are fitted with leak resistant tailgates to ensure minimum loss of material, nil contamination and less slop on the haul roads.

Screening plants for soil

Mini Excavations have a long history of providing excellence in screening plants for nearly 30 years. during the period 2012-2014 over a million tonnes of concrete was extracted,washed and screened for delivery in our own road trucks for supply to Boral who in turn supplied Bechtel all the concrete on Curtis Island for the Gas plants.


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